Four spies land on Romney Marsh

Two spies land near Hythe in a dingy. They have a wireless set and an elementary cypher with orders to send back information of military importance; they had been given to understand that an invasion of the Kentish coast was imminent. They separate on landing.

The two men are of Dutch nationality and were completely untrained for their task. It seems they were selected because they had committed some misdemeanors known to the Germans and could be blackmailed into undertaking the enterprise.

Another pair of spies lands at Dungeness. One is German who speaks excellent French but no English. The other claims to be Dutch and speaks fluent English.

Spies landed at Hythe are taken prisoner

Both spies that landed at Hythe have been challenged by sentries of a battalion of the Somersetshire Light infantry and taken prisoner. One, who has Japanese mother, looks markedly Oriental and has shoes and binoculars round his neck which unsurprisingly attracts the attention of a private from the Somersets.

Spy attracts attention of pub landlady

The English speaking spy who landed at Dungeness, asks for a bath and tries to buy cider in a pub in Lydd. Mabel Cole, the landlady, points out that she can't sell alcohol until ten o'clock and suggests he go and look at the church. When he leaves she alerts the authorities.

Source: RealTimeWWII

Spy is sending messages by wireless

The German spy who landed at Dungeness the day before has rigged up an aerial in a tree and has begun to send messages in French.

Copies of three messages are later used in evidence at his trial.

This is the exact position yesterday evening six o'clock three Messerschmidt fired machine guns in my direction three hundred meters south of water reservoir painted red.