Ramsgate airfield bombed

20 He 111 (or 30+ Do 17) drop 13 tons of bombs onto Ramsgate's civilian airfield, a quater of the estimated 210 bombs fall on the airfield - the rest causing extensive damage to the town.

151 Sqn. (Hurricanes) intercept the Bf 109 escorts from III./JG 26 on the right flank over Manston and 610 Sqn. (Spirfires) engage the left flank escorts of III./(J)LG 2 over Ramsgate. The bombers are not engaged.

"To Defeat the Few" says it was He 111 but the "Battle of Britain Combat Archive" says Do 17s.

A Luftwaffe reconnaissance aircraft photographs Thanet

Luftwaffe reconnaissance photos of Thanet 1940-09-23
RAF Manston [outlined in green] can be seen covered in white chalk bomb craters from the previous month's bombing.

Rumfields Nursery [outlined in red] is my Grandfather's market garden where he is growing fruit and vegetables in glass houses. This is on the northern perimeter of Ramsgate civil airfield.

Source: NCAP