EprGr 210 attack four radar stations

Visibility is perfect with Dungeness being visible from Dover.

The Bf 110s of EprGr 210 lead by Swiss born Hptm Rübensdörffer come in at low level to attack the radar network. Lacking azimuth tracking and confusing range information by passing abeam the radar sites, the Filter Room at Fighter Command assigns the plot an 'X' code (doubtful origin).

Oberleutnant Otto Hintze leads 3 Staffel's eight Bf 109E-1/B Jabos - carrying one SC250 bomb each - attacking Dover. They approach the Dover radar at right angles to make them harder to detect but are picked up by the Rye Radar. The towers are slightly damaged and huts are smashed. Hintze reports seeing the towers clearly swaying.

Two minutes later Lieutenant Rössinger leads 2 Staffel's Bf 110s attacking Rye. Almost every building is hit, except the transmitting and receiving block. The Filter Room repeatedly tries to contact them eventually being told by a WAFF that "Your X raid is bombing us."

Hauptman Rübensdörffer leads the attack on Dunkirk. One 500kg bomb moves the concrete transmitter building several inches.

The final element of 1 Staffel's Bf 110s hit Pevensy with eight 500kg bombs, one of which cuts the power line taking the station off line.

A breach of 160 km has been opened in the radar coverage.

54 Sqn. engage raid over Dover and Hawkinge

OPERATIONS RECORD BOOK of (Unit or Formation) No. 54 Squadron.

PlaceDateTimeSummary of EventsReferences to Appendices
Hornchurch 1940
11.18 Large formations of Me 109.s scattered before the Squadron's approach over Dover; proceeding to HAWKINGE further He 113.s were met; their tactics of "milling" and "circling" did not bring our pilots into the trap set for them. Sgt. Lawrence showed his genuine hatred of the Ju 87 by shooting down three of them in flames before himself falling a victim to an enemy fighter. He had a fortunate escape when his machine crashed into the sea, taking him down with it. Rescued by the Navy he is now in Dover Hospital suffering from shock. Sgt. Klozensy, our other casualty, was showt down near Ashford, but is making progress in hospital there. For these losses we claim 4 enemy aircraft destroyed (including a new type (Ju 87) to our list) and three damaged. F/Lt. Deere claiming a Me 109 destroyed, F/O McMullen, F/Lt. Gribble, P/O Hopkin were responsible fr the damaged enemy aircraft.