Whirlwind P6966 Crashes

263 Sqn's P6966 flown by Canadian PO Irving McDermott crashes at Lanton farm near Stenhousemuir after a burst tyre on takeoff jams the undercarriage leg. As advised by ground control McDermott bails out between Grangemouth and Stirling, sprains his ankle on landing or is uninjured (depending on the account), and is arrested by the Stenhousemuir home guard - only being released when Sqn Ldr Eels vouched for him.

OPERATIONS RECORD BOOK of (Unit or Formation) 263 Squadron

PlaceDateTimeSummary of EventsReferences to Appendices
Grangemouth 7/8/40 P/O Mc Dermott, taking off in ? Whirlwind, burst the port tyre and damaged the undercarriage. After circling for some time the pilot bailed out between Grangemouth and Stirling. The aircraft was a total loss. The pilot was uninjured
Flight Lieut. A.T.Williams, F[?]/O E.F.?.??? and P/O L.H.J?????? have been awarded the D.F.C. Sargeant Pilot ?.?.???????? has been awarded the D.F.M.
Squadron Leader J.G.Munro posted to 263 Squadron from Air Ministry.
Normal training.

The plane was excavated in October 1979. Both engines and all major components were recovered. This was the first production Whirlwind.

Last Whirlwind operational sortie

Baker, Mogg, Snalam and Blacklock of 263 Sqn flew a patrol looking for Ju 52 MS (mine destroying) from 1/Minensuchgruppe I believed to be operating in the channel off Normandy and Brittany. The patrol is aborted due to cloud and rainstorms down to sea level and they return to Warmwell by 11:00.

The Ju 52/3m MS (Magnetspule) was equipped with a ring that generated a magnetic field that set off mines when flown at 120km/h at 30m.

Ju 52 MS

Whirlwind formally classed as obsolescent

Sixteen aircraft are still serviceable, 14 with 263 Sqn, and are withdrawn to 18MU at Dumfries over the next two months. No non-operational use was found for them and in July the airframes are declared non-effective, being struck off charge in September and stored at Lennxolove until they are scrapped in 1946.