A correlation matrix of the fields in the data set doesn't seem to reveal much.

Correlation plot for Battle of Britain data set

What is a correlation matrix?

This is a plot that shows how data series fluctuate in relation to each other: The larger circle the more they tend to vary at the same time with the colour indicating whether they go up and down at the same time (blue, positive correlation) or if one goes up as the other goes down (red, negative correlation).

In this case the majority of items are positively correlated, which is to be expected since in a conflict between two forces both will be engaged at the same time and with each other. There is also nothing that particularly stands out to me about the magnitude of the correlations.

The Defiant and Blenheim losses do stand out but this is because there are so few losses that any correlation is indistinguishable from random fluctuations in the more populated fields.