The Command of the Air - Giulio Douhet

This is taken from a OCR PDF of a 1983 reprint by the Office of Air Force History of Dino Ferrari's 1942 translation of Il dominio dell'aria. Proofreading corrections have been made and the text has been fully marked up as a Epub - including tables and footnotes. A single page HTML version is also available.

This reprint of the 1942 English translation of Douhet's works, while titled Command of the Air, actually consists of five separate works: the original 1921 edition of Command of the Air, a second edition of 1927, a 1928 monograph titled 'Probable Aspects of Future War', a polemical article of 1929 called 'Recapitulation,' and the 1930 study 'The War of 19-.' The volume is reprinted by the Office of Air Force History as part of Project Warrior. By transporting ourselves back to the 1920s, past not only the Vietnam and Korean Wars, but nearly two decades before World War II, we become silent observers of the unfolding drama of airpower's history. Knowing that transpired after Douhet wrote, we can test our understanding, find the assumptions and conclusions of Douhet that proved false, and read with wonder those that proved true. Some of what he wrote today seems almost timeless, 'principles' perhaps of the employment of aircraft in war. Giulio Douhet was a prophet. From the perspective of today, he still bears pondering. Serious thinking about the nature of war and the role of aerospace power will not in our lifetime cease to be of value.


  • Book one:
    • Part 1
    • The command of the air
    • The new form of war
    • The independent air force
    • Aerial warfare
    • Part 2
    • The organization of aerial warfare
  • Book two: The probable aspects of the war of the future
  • Book three: Recapitulation
    • Introduction
    • Auxiliary aviation
    • Aerial defense
    • The aerial battle
    • The aerial field as the decisive field
  • Book four. The war of 19--
    • Part 1
    • Introduction
    • The causes of the conflict
    • The moral preparation
    • The intellectual preparation
    • The material preparation -- France and Belgium
    • The material preparation -- Germany
    • Part 2
    • The Allies' plan of operation
    • Germany's plan of operation
    • The battle of June 16
    • Operations of June 17