Preparations for "Seelöwe" discontinued

The Armed Forces High Command WFSt/Abt. L(I) Nr. 344 011/41 g.K.Chefs. Führer Headquarters 10 Jan. 1941 Nine Copies Top secret

The Führer decides as follows on 9 Jan. 1941:

  1. Operation "Marita" [Greece]

    In accordance with the plans of the Commander in Chief, Army, the Danube can be crossed immediately after it is frozen over by the first wave or parts of it. The pause between the time when the ice melts on the Danube and the time the bridges have been completed will have to be reckoned with.

    It is necessary, however, that sufficient forces have arrived in the southern part of Dobrogea (Rumania) and that adequate air cover is available at the time of the Danube crossing.

  2. Operation "Felix" [Gibralter]

    Preparations are to be discontinued.

  3. Preparations for operation "Seelöwe"

    Preparations are likewise to be discontinued except for the development of special equipment and for the purposes of deception.

  4. Operation "Attila" [Vichy France]

    It must be possible to carry out this operation on short notice at any time.

    During the Air Force operations against Toulon, the harbor should be mined very heavily and the harbor and the heavy coastal batteries captured. For this purpose, naval gunners should be used, if possible on freight-carrying sailing vessels.

    Dive bomber units should be held in readiness to prevent operations of the British fleet against Toulon, and long-range fighters should be available for bombing. For the same reason it is important that heavy Army batteries be made available in Toulon soon, since the available coastal batteries cannot necessarily be counted upon.

The Chief of Staff, Armed Forces High Command

signed: Keitel


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