The British Air Attaché in Belgrade writes memo on He 112

Single seater "Heinkel He.112"

This aircraft equipped with a DB.601 engine is about equal in flying performance to the Me.109 E, but less menoeuverable and requires very rough handling.

This aircraft is not used at the front as its fighting value is not satisfactory. The new type with DB.601 engine has been made in a small series and serves for defence purposes in the interior of Germany. The old type with Jumo 201 E. engine has been withdrawn from 1st. line service and is used for training. About 50 of these aircraft were bought by Roumania in 1939. The old type qualified for dive-bombing and ground strafing.

1 fighter pilot.
2 synchronised M.Gs and 2 - 20 mm. shell-guns in wings. Old type also carries 6 bombs of 20 kgs. each.


New Type Old type.  
Max. speed 570.- 500 km.p.h
Cruising Speed 470 425  " " "
Economic speed 430  " " "
Landing speed 145 125  " " "
Ceiling 9500 8500 metres
Climb to 4000 M. 5 6 minutes
Climb to 6000 M. 9 11      "

Take-off speed at sea level (new type) 1380 m/s
Flying duration. 1 hrs. 50 mins. to 2 hours.
Range at travel (?) speed - 850 - 900 kilometres

Technical particulars.

  • New type
    Mercedes Benz "DB.601" 1100 h.p.
  • Old type
    Junkers "Jumo 201 E" 670 h.p.
Light metal.
9.10 metres
9.30 metres
3.85 metres
Wing area
17 square metres.
New Old
Weight empty 1850 kgs. 1620 kgs.
     "      useful 400    "
     "      fuel 320 litres
     "      oil 22     "
Total weight. 2550 kgs. 2250 kgs.

A.A. Belgrade. Y.4/41. 4/1/41.

Single seater Heinkel "H.E.112"

  1. According to certain confidential information this aircraft presumably does not exist, i.e. the Germans have advertised it in order to give the enemy the impression that they possess such a powerful fighter. The photographs shown are presumably a mock-up of the He.113, although it can be clearly seen that the He.113 withdraws its undercarriage into the fuselage whereas the He.112 and the Me.109 retract the wheels into the wings. For this reason it may be believed that thsi type does really exist, as claimed in the official German reports.

    This aircraft is derived from the well known aircraft that holds the speed record of 747 Kms.p.h. In its aerodynamic flying and fighting qualities, presumably, it exceeds the Me.109 E.

    Perfectly suitable for aerobatic flying. Excellent manoeuvrability permits the use of this aircraft for ground attacking. Specially suitable for night flying owing to its broad undercarriage.

    Only a few flights have been supplied with this aircraft, namely in Norway and around Kiel (for night fighting). They have not taken part in the attacks on England, probably in order that secret constructional details should not be given away by a forced landing or accident.

    1 fighter pilot
    1 engine with shell-gun type "IKARIJA" and 2 M.Gs
    W/T transmitter and reciever; night flying equipment; blind flying instruments; oxygen apparatus.
  2. Performance.
    Maximum speed
    650 - 700 Kms.p.h
  3. Technical Details.
    Mercedes Benz "DB.603" of 1300 h.p.
    All metal
    9.4 metres
    8.185 metres
    2.50 metres
    Wing area
    14.50 square metres

A.A. Belgrade. Y.4/41. 4/1/41.

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