Ju 88 Shot down over Orkney

Grumman Martlet, piloted by Lt. L.V. Carver and Sub/Lt. T.R.V. Park, from 804 Squadron of the Fleet Air Arm, based at RNAS Skeabrae, shoots down a Ju 88 which crash lands near the farm of Flotterston in Sandwick, on the West Mainland of Orkney. Lt. K. Schipp, Fw. H. Schreiber, Uffz. J. Spoertl and Oberfefr. K. Rotter all taken prisoner. This is the first kill of the war by a UK pilot in a US aircraft. Aircraft salvage complete by 15/3/41 and stored in a hanger at Skeabrae for some time.

Ju 88 crash landed at Flotterston, Sandwick, West Mainland, Orkney on Christmas day 1940


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