P/O Pniak claims 1 and a half BR.20s

Sector Serial No (A) F9 (HH)
Serial No. of order detailing patrol (B) 85
Date (C) 11/11/40
Flight, Squadron (D) Flight: B Sqdn. No.: 257
No. of Enemy Aircraft (E) 9
Type of Enemy Aircraft (F) Bombers
Time Attack was delivered (G) 1330
Place attack was delivered (H) East of the Naze
Height of Enemy (J) 15,000 feet
Enemy Casualties (K) 1½ BR20 bombers destroyed (½ shared with green 1)
Our Casualties Aircraft (L) Nil
Personnel (M) Nil
General Report (R)
I attacked enemy bomber (N.7 in formation) from below and behind from the distance 200 yards. I gave him 1 burst four second long. Just after enemy plane began to smoke and fire. He turned over on his back and dived straight into the sea. One of the enemy crew bailed out with parachute. I attacked another enemy bomber and I gave him two 4-5 second long bursts. He began to smoke and glided to the coast. At the same time another of our fighters fired at him. We followed him until he forced landed in the wood near Woodbridge. I was in Blue Section as No. 2. Pniak P/O
Signature K. Pniak, P/O.
Section Blue O.C. FlightB Squadron 257 Squadron No.

(AIR 50/100/130)


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