Bf 109 crash lands near Lyminge

Fw Fritz Schewser, white 6 (5327) of 7/JG 54 crash lands his Bf 109E-4 on the south outskirts of Lyminge parish ("Meridan Farm") having had the oil radiator pierced by F/O Eric Thomas of 222 Sqn. He skids across the grass banging his head off the cockpit and armour plate.

As farm workers and troops enter the field he opens a fuel cock and soaks his his maps and papers before lighting a match in cupped hands and throwing the burning papers into the cockpit. He then moves a safe distance from the aircraft and waves a white handkerchief over his head. Thomas, circling overhead, witnesses the entire proceedings.

Reverand Williams later writes in the parish magazine:

Last month I watched a British airman force down a German fighter plane on the outskirts of the parish. The Englishman was merciful, as it seemed to me. He could have blown to pices the German pilot, but he withheld his fire when the Nazi was obviously beaten and was coming down. He afterwards circled round for some time to make sure of his 'bad', and then did something which fairly took my breath away - he quickly rolled his plane over in the air, as you might spin a tennis racket in your hand! It is, I believe, what the RAF call 'The Victory Roll'. Well, it struck me as typical of the national spirit which is overcoming all kinds of dangers and difficulties with courage and endurance in the full ardour of youth, until its efforts are crowned in Victory.


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