F/Lt Tuck encounters a mixed formation of BF 109s and He 113s


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23.9.40 Squadron arrived early at CASTLE CAMPS. At 0920 joined 73 & 17 Sqdns. over DEBDEN with order to patrol CHELMSFORD at Angles 20 73 Sqdn. leading when at CHELMSFORD squadrons were vectored over ROCHFORD & GRAVESEND & informed of bandits approaching at Anges 5 from east.The Squadron proceeded to lose height but when at 13,000ft were to to go up again to Angels 20. At this moment 15 ME 109's & 10 more HE 113's were sighted by F/LT TUCK above and behind them. One ME 109 & one HE 113 peeled off & diving past 257 Sqadn. delivered an astern attack from out of the sun on 73 Sqdn. F/LT TUCK ordered the Squadron to break up & himself went after the two enemy aircraft being unable to catch up the HE 113 concentrated on the ME 109 firing a 3 sec. burst from the quarter. The ME 109 made off towards the coast by gradually lost speed & height & F/LT TUCK was able to deliver 3 more astern attacks. The ME109 crashed into the sea 10 miles north of CAPE GRIS NEZ. SGT ASLIN baled out on the edge of DETLING aerodrome & was taken to MINISTER HOSPITAL suffering from burns & shock. All the other pilots returned safely to CASTLE CAMPS. At 17.32 Squadn. ordered to patrol HORNCHURCH at 20,000 ft with 17 & 73 Sqdns. No E/A seen & Squadron returned to MARTLESHAM at 18.45 hrs.
Posted: P/O CHELMECKI 17 Squadron

AIR 27/1526/5


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