Hitler further postpones the Seelöwe order for three days

S-Tag now slips back to 27 September which is outside the window given by OKM as suitable tide conditions for the landing, the weather forecast is also unfavourable. Air attacks on London are to be expanded.

The Armed Forces High Command WFSt/Abt 1 Nr. 33287/40 g.K.Chefs. Berlin 14 Sep. 1940 Eight Copies Top Secret

At the conference with the Commanders in Chief of the branches of the Armed Forces on 14 Sep. the Führer made the following decisions;

  1. Operation "Seelöwe"
    1. The beginning of the operation is being postponed further. A new order (referring to OKW/WFSt/Abt.L Nr. 332255/40 g.Kdos.Chefs. of 3 Sep. 1940, number 2) will be issued on 17 Sep. All preparations are to be continued.
    2. The Air Force is to carry out the attack on British long-range batteries firing on the French coast, as soon as preparations to that effect are concluded.
    3. Under these circumstances it is not necessary at this time fully to carry out the special measures provided for the coastal areas (OKW Nr. 2332/40 g.K.Chefs. Abw.III(C) of 29 Aug. 940, Translator's note: Not included.) However, measures for defense against spies and for deception purposes are to be intensified according to agreement to be reached between the Armed Forces Intelligence Division and the Army High Command or the corresponding Armed Forces commanders for the various coastal sectors.
  2. Air attacks on London

    Air attacks on London should be expanded, continuing primarily against important military targets and those vital to the city (including railroad stations), as long as there are worthwhile targets.

    Terror attacks against purely residential sections are to be kept as a last resort, and are not to be used for the time being.

The Chief of Staff, Armed Forces High Command

signed: Keitel


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