S/Ldr Pinkham

Casualty report of S/Ldr Phillip Campbell "Tommy" Pinkham (37208) AFC who was shot down in Spitfire P9422:

19 Squadron with 5 aircraft in 'A' Flight and 6 aircraft in 'B' Flight led by Squadron Leader Pinkham left the satellite aerodrome G.1 at 09.47 hours on 5th September, 1940, with orders to patrol Hornchurch at 15,000 feet. When over patrol line Sgt Jennnings sighted enemy aircraft consisting of about 40 Do215s and 40 Me 109s, called up the squadron and led them to it. S/Ldr Pinkham then called up the squadron and detailed 'A' Flight to attack the fighters and 'B' Flight the bombers. 'B' Flight (S/Ldr Pinkham being Blue 1 in this flight) climbed to get into position astern of the bombers, the attack being made in pairs. S/Ldr Pinkham attacked with Blue 2 and was last seen engaged with 3 Do215s. Blue 2 lost contact with the Squadron Leader in the sun. It is assumed that the cross-fire experienced from the rear of the Dorniers he attacked was the cause of S/Ldr Pinkham's death. His aircraft eventually crashed at Birling, Kent, and was completely burnt out.

Quoted in Battle of Britain Combat Archive.

Pinkham was the youngest Squadron Leader in the R.A.F. at the time.

The death of S/Ldr Pinkham was mentioned by Dowding during his conference on 7th September.


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