II./KG 1 bomb Biggin Hill

Yesterday evening the Gruppe was briefed for another daylight raid on Biggin Hill. At 1736 hrs this afternoon we took off and formed up over Calais. We crossed the Channel in close formation, heading directly for the target area. Our fighter escort did an excellent job. They prevented the English fighters from getting anywhere near us, allowing us to lay a carpet of bombs right across the airfield. Despite the heavy flak my navigator, Oberleutnant Heinrich Prinze ze Sayn-Wittgenstein, managed to take several photos of our stick of bombs "walking" across the target. At 2010 hrs we landed back at Rosieères. We had suffered no casualties, just some minor flak damage.


PlaceDateTimeSummary of EventsReferences to Appendices
Biggin Hill 31/8/40 1730 A high level bombing attach was made on the Station and further extensive damage was caused to buildings, Hangers in the South Camp were badly damaged. In the North Camp, the Triple Bay Hanger was damaged, the operations Block received a direct hit and was burnt, the Officers Married Quarters were all severely damaged by blast and rendered unsafe. The Officers Mess was also damaged. The temporary lash up of telephone lines and power cables which had ben made after the previous evening's raid was completely destroyed.

AIR 28/64


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