F/Lt Deere encounters He 113s near Thameshaven

Sector Serial No(a)
Serial No. of order detailing patrol(b)
Flight, Squadron(d)Green leader 54 Sqdn
No. & type of Enemy Aircraft(f)Approx 50 Do 215's and Me 110's
Time Attack was delivered(g)1650
Place attack was delivered(h)Near Thameshaven
Height of Enemy(j)18,000
Enemy Casualties(k)Destroyed
Probable 1 Do 17
Our Casualties Aircraft(l)1 a/c category 3
A.A. Guns Assistance(nii)
Fire for Fighters
(Measured or Estimated)
(p) Ranged opened )
Length of burst ) see attached sheet
Range closed )
No.of rounds fired 2695
F/Lt Deere, D.F.C. Green Leader I sighted a large formation of Dorniers escorted by a large formation of He 113's and ME 109's approaching N. Foreland. Enemy bombers were at 20,000 feet in in vics of fives and sixes. I gave sighting position to Rabit Leader and led my section into attack seven ME 109's. I fired one long birth at 250 yards, closing into 100 yards and immediately broke way ??? left. Enemy aircraft appeared to be out of control, and smoke was coming from it. (Confirmed from Red 2). I was subsequently engaged in a series of dog fights. I got in another burst at another ME 109 at close range, but was unable to observe any result. When at 23,000 feet, I was shot down by a Spitfire (no markings observed). Mu control wires to the rudder were shot away and I had to bale out. I came down at Detling.
A C Deere



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