Sgt. G Smythe

Sgt. G Smythe of 56 Sqn. bails out of Hurricane N2523 which is shot down by a Bf 109. The petrol tank explodes and it crashes in flames at Ladwood Farm, Acrise.

Combat report, Sgt. G Smythe - Green 2, B Flight, 56 Sqn

I was Green 2 when we were ordered to engage a fighter formation at 20,000 ft between Dover and Folkestone. I selected two Me 109s and got on their tails. There were gradually pulling away from me after having dived on me.

I fired several long bursts at ranges between 300 and 400 yards. I was then attacked from the rear by another Me 109. I fired a final burst at the E/A to port and broke away. As I was breaking away a cannon or large bore bullet passed through the hood over my head, through the windscreen, the armour plated cowling on the gravity tank and the petrol tank itself. I was immediately drenched with petrol and was obliged to bail out and landed about two miles from Hawkinge. On arriving at Hawkinge I was informed by the Duty Pilot that the pilot of the E/A I attacked baled out as well and landed in the vicinity of the aerodrome.

I received a few scratches on my face from the glass from the windscreen.

Quoted in Battle of Britain Combat Archive.


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