F/L Deere encounters HE113s over North Foreland

Sector Serial No (a)
Serial No. of order detailing patrol (b)
Date (c) 28/8/40
Flight, Squadron (d) Red Leader 54 Squadron
Type of Enemy Aircraft (f) Large formations of HE.113, ME.109 and Dorniers
Time Attack was delivered (g) 1230
Place attack was delivered (h) North Foreland
Height of Enemy (j) 20,000 to 28,000
Enemy Casualties (k) Destroyed
Probable 1 ME 109
Our Casualties Aircraft (l) 1 a/c category 3
Personnel (m) nil
Searchlights (n) (i)
A.A. Guns Assistance (ii)
Fire for Fighters
(Measured or Estimated)
(P) Range Opened
Length of burst see attached sheet
Range closed
No. of rounds fired
[sheet missing]


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