S/Ldr Michael Crossley

S/Ldr. Michael Crossley is unhurt after he crash lands Hurricane P3481 skidding across a field near Valley Farm, Skeete, Lyminge. The aircraft is classed as Cat 3, destroyed. At the time he is the RAF's leading ace, having been credited with 18 or 20 victories, depending on the source.

He was awarded the D.S.O on 30 Aug 1940. The London Gazette records:

> Acting Squadron Leader Michael Nicholson Crossley, D.F.C. (37554) > This officer has lead his section, flight and squadron with skill and courage and has flown almost continuously since the commencement of hostilities. Since May, he has participated in engagements against the enemy over Holland, Belgium and France, including patrols over Dunkirk and St. Valery during the evacuation operations. In August he destroyed two Junkers 88 over Portsmouth and assisted in the destruction of another over Croydon. During the latter engagement he encountered another Junkers 88 and, having expended all this ammunition, acted as above guard until two of his section finally destroyed it. The next day he destroyed three enemy aircraft. Squadron Leader Crossley has now destroyed a total of eighteen enemy aircraft and possibly another five. He has displayed rare qualities as a leader; his example of courage and tenacity of purpose have proved an inspiration to other members of his squadron.

Valley Farm, Skeete in April 2020.
Valley Farm, Skeete, Lyminge - April 2020 Valley Farm, Skeete, Lyminge - April 2020 Valley Farm, Skeete, Lyminge - April 2020


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