F/O McMullen encounters He 113s and Bf 109s escorts over Folkestone and Dover

Sector Serial No(A)D.1.
Serial No. of order detailing patrol(B)-
Flight, Squadron(D)12 a/c 54 Squadron
Type of Enemy Aircraft(F)30 JU 88's
20 - 30 ME 109's
HE 113's & ME 110's
Time Attack was delivered(G)0950 - 1120
Place attack was delivered(H)Dover - Folkestone.
Height of Enemy(J)20,000 ft - 25,000 ft
Enemy Casualties(K)Destroyed. 1 Me 109
Probable. -
Damaged. -
Our Casualties Aircraft(L)Nil
Searchlights(N) (i)N/A
A.A. Guns Assistance(ii)Nil
Fire for Fighters
(Measured or Estimated)
(P) Range opened )
Length of Burst ) see attached sheet
Range closed )
No. of rounds fired)
F/O McMullen (2303 rounds) I encountered 4 M E 109's circling at 26,000 feet above the coast at Dover. I thought that they were waiting for the bombers to come back so that they could form the protective escort. I followed these round until one became separated from the flour and let him get well away. I then followed. The ME 109 could not have seen me because I attacked from above and astern (range 100 yards closing to 50 yards), and enemy aircraft took no evasive action. Large pieces fell off the 109 and black smoke poured from the engine. I followed it down and it crashed into the sea just short of the French Coast near Calais.
DAP McMullen F/o



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