32 Sqn patrol Hawkinge - combat over Folkestone

Oblt. Kurt Ruppert of 3./JG26 Clams his third kill, a 32 Sqn. Hurricane NE of Dover at 16:05.

Fw. W. Mueller of 3./JG26 claims an unknown Hurricane NE of Manston and Uffz. B. Adam of 2./JG26 claims an unknown Hurricane W of Dover.

32 Squadron Intelligence Report

Ten Hurricanes of 32 Squadron left Hawkinge at 15.49 hours to patrol round Dover, they intercepted approximately 15 Me109s who were flying at 10,000 feet off Folkestone at 16.00 hours. Each pilot selected an enemy and a dog fight ensued.

P/O Gillman in his report to the Intelligence Officer at Hawkinge stated that he had fired at an Me109 which blew up and fell into the sea. He was missing next day to it was not possible to get a combat report from him.

P/O Barton, Yellow section, after the initial attack had been in progress about 5 minutes, chased on of the Me109s across the channel, he was diving and came down from 15,000 feet to 7,000 feet when he began to catch up with the e/a/ He was taking fairly skilful avoiding action, but he was able to get in four bursts of 2 seconds at from 300 to 200 yards range. When his ammunition was exhausted the Me109 was flying straight and level at 150 m.p.h. at 1,000 feet. He flew round him but he showed no interest. He left him before he crossed the French coast. Only four of P/O Barton's guns were firing the remainder were stopped with separated cases.

P/O Seghers was shot up and bailed out but was uninjured. Aircraft landed at Hawkinge between 16.00 and 16.33 hours.

Quoted in Battle of Britain Combat Archive v.6

32 Squadron Form 541

Aircraft Type and No. Crew. Duty. Time Up. Time Down. Details of Sortie or Flight. References
5 sorties as Section (1) patrol 1545 1625 Ordered patrol Hawkinge. At 1600 at 10,000'
5 sorties as Section (2) less patrol 1605 1645 over Folkestone 15 Me.109's were encountered. A
Sgt.Whitehouse Dog-fight ensued. P/O.Gillman attacked one which
blewup and fell into the sea. P/O.Barton chased
one to the French Coast and damaged it. P/O.Seghers
was shot up and baled out but landinged uninjured.
P/O.Pniak crashed at 16.30 hrs. S/Ldr.Crossley
crashed 16.30 hrs. P/O.Seghers. crashed 16.30 hrs.


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