F/O McMullen claims an He 113 damaged over Dover

Sector Serial No(a)D.2
Serial No. of order detailing patrol(b)-
Flight, Squadron(d)12 aircraft 54 Squadron.
Type of Enemy Aircraft(f)Me.109 )
He.113 ) very large formations
Do.17 )
Do.215 )
Time Attack was delivered(g)1240 -1342 hours
Place attack was delivered(h)KENT
Height of Enemy(j)15,000 to 25,000 feet
Enemy Casualties(k)Destroyed -
Probable -
Damaged 1 He 113
1 Do 17 (?215)
Our Casualties Aircraft(l)Nil
A.A. Guns AssistanceNil
Fire for Fighters
(Measured or Estimated)
(p) Range opened )
Length of burst) see attached sheets.
Range closed )
No. of rounds fired ) 935
F/O McMULLEN I was Yellow Leader. We were ordered off to patrol Dover at 25,000 feet. At that height Red and Green sections intercepted 5 or more HE113. A short dogfight appeared to go on. I found I was by myself when I saw two large formations of bombers escorted by fighters. I attacked the rearmost escort fighters, about 12 HE 113's. I picked one in the middle of the formation and large bits fell off him. I am sure he was badly damaged. I opened fire at 250 yards, sprayed the remainder and broke them up. I continued my dive towards the sea. I saw what was probably a DO 17 and engaged him at close range, making one engine catch fire. I broke off the engagement because I was a long way out to sea. On my way home I sighted six enemy twins and could not catch them up.
DAP McMullen F/o



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