54 Sqn. engage stragglers from large formation

OPERATIONS RECORD BOOK of (Unit or Formation) No. 54 Squadron.

PlaceDateTimeSummary of EventsReferences to Appendices
Hornchurch 1940
12.40 By this time the first big attack of the day had developed. At least 600 enemy aircraft - an probably a good many more - were plotted all over Kent. The Squadron was unable to approach the main formations but dealt satisfactory with a large number of stragglers. The following enemy causalities were claimed:- S/Leader Leathart - 1 He 113 (probable) 1 Me 109 (damaged). F/Officer McMullen -1 He 113 (damaged) 1 Do17 (?215) (damaged). This pilot also split up a formation of 12 He 113.s P/Officer Matthews -1 Me 109 (probable). F/Lt. Gribble - 1 Me 109 (destroyed). P/O Gray - 1 Do 215 (damaged). F/Sgt. Tew - 1 Me 109 (destroyed). Tew had the good fortune to secure this enemy causualty without firing a shot. Enemy aircraft was persuing him and Tew pulled out at a low altitude and the 109 failed to follow and crashed straight into the ground. P/Officer Campbell- 1 Me 109 (destroyed) 1 Do 17 (damaged) These achievements were gained without loss - either of pilots or aircraft.


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