OKW directive for Seelöwe

The Armed Forces High Command WFSt/L 1 Nr. 33229/40 g.K.Chefs. Führer Headquarters 16 Aug. 1940 Eight Copies Top secret

Re: Operation "Seelöwe"

  1. The Führer decided on 15 Aug. as follows:
    1. Preparations for operation "Seelöwe" are to be continued for 15 Sep., including assembly of all necessary naval personnel.

      The decision concerning execution of the operation will be reserved until the over-all situation becomes clearer.

    2. Preparations for a landing in Lyme Bay are to be discontinued because of the lack of sufficient defence possibilities.

      The ships are to be assembled along the coast between Ostend and Le Havre, so as to avoid concentration in a few harbours close to the enemy coast, and confuse the enemy's picture of our landing plans.

    3. Preparations must be made in such a way that they do not preclude a crossing on a narrow front, if this should be ordered on a week's notice; on the other hand it should remain possible to cross once in the direction of Brighton, without further reinforcement of heavy equipment.
  2. On the basis of this Führer decision, the Commanders in Chief, Army and Air are asked to make suggestions for the use of paratroopers and airborne troops, and especially to express an oppinion as to whether these should be used together with the first landing wave, or whether these should be kept back as a reserve, depending on the situation in the Channel.

The Chief of Staff, Armed Forces High Command

signed: Keitel


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