F/O McMullen claims an He 113 over Hornchurch

Sector Serial No (A) D 1.
Serial No. of order detailing patrol (B) -
Date (C) 16/8/40
Flight, Squadron (D) 9 aircraft 54 Squadron
Number of Enemy Aircraft (E) 80 approx.
Type of Enemy Aircraft (F) 40 Do.215's
40 Me.109's and He.113's
Time Attack was delivered (G) 1214 - 1327 hours
Place attack was delivered (H) E. of Hornchurch and over the Coast.
Height of Enemy (J) Fighters 19,000 - 25,000
Bombers 16,000 feet
Enemy Casualties (K) Destroyed 1 He 113
Probable -
Damaged -
Our Casualties Aircraft (L) NIL
Personnel (M) NIL
Searchlights (N) (i) N/a
A.A. Guns Assistance (ii) Behind bombers : in front of our fighters at16,000 ft.
Fire for Fighters
(Measured or Estimated)
(P) Range opened )
Length of burst ) See attached Sheet.
Range closed )
No. of rounds fired ) 1540

The Squadron were engaging enemy bombers East of Hornchurch, when we were attacked by protecting ME 109's and HE 113's. I chased an ME 109 and found myself near Deal, where I came upon four HE 113's. I was at 28,000 feet and dived on one of these four; the enemy aircraft could not have seen me until I was right on him. I attacked from slightly astern and above, range 200 yards, giving enemy aircraft a 4 seconds burst. The enemy aircraft dived steeply and I followed it down and saw it crash into the sea just off Calais.

DAP McMullen F/o


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