Hawkinge bombed by Dorniers

OPERATIONS RECORD BOOK of (Unit or Formation) RAF. Station Hawkinge

Place Date Time Summary of Events References to Appendices
Hawkinge August 1940
2nd. Hostile attack at 15.25 hours by aeroplanes at considerable height, lowest 8,000 ft. ranging up to 20,000 ft. Too hight for light A.A. 20 to 30 small bombs were dropped over an area, a few on the aerodrome surface. These aircraft were engaged by 3" A/A. The attack lasted 10 minutes. There were no casualties. No record of hits by ground defenses were recorded. The detachment of R.E's immediately after the raid commenced work on the aerodrome surface which has not been seriously damaged.

RED 10.00. WHITE 10.15. RED 11.27. WHITE 12.45. RED 14.55. WHITE 17.45. RED 18.30. WHITE 20.00.

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