Göring addresses Luftflotten commanders

At Karinhall Göring says to the commanders of his Luftflotten:

The fighter escort defences of out Stuka formations must be readjusted as the enemy is concentrating his fighters against our Stuka operations. It appears necessary to allocate three fighter Gruppen to each Stuka Gruppe, on of these fighter Gruppen remains with the Skukas and dives with themto the attack; the second files ahead of the target at medium altitude and engages fighter defecnesl the third protects the whole attack from above. It will also be necessary to escort Stukas returning from the attack over the Channel.

We must concentrate our attacks on the destruction of the enemy air forces. Operations are to be directed exclusively against the enemy air force including the targets of the enemy aircraft industry... Our night attacks are essentially dislocation raids, made so the enemy defences and population shall be allowed no respite.

It is doubtful weather there is any point in continuing the attacks on radar sites, in view of the fact that none of those attacked so far have neem put out of action.

Later in the day he issues an order prohibiting more than one officer in any single air crew in an attempt to reduce officer casualties on bombers which are reaching serious proportions.

Kesselring decides to use heavy escorted raids on fewer, selected airfields, along with fighter missions.


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