F/O McMullen claims one He 113 probable over Maidstone

Sector Serial No (A) D 2.
Serial No. of order detailing patrol (B)
Date (C) 15. 8. 40.
Flight, Squadron (D) 12 a/c 54 Squadron
Number of Enemy Aircraft (E) 60 (Approximately).
Type of Enemy Aircraft (F) 40 Do.17's.
He.113 ) Unknown No.
Me.109 )
Time Attack was delivered (G) 1826 - 1930
Place attack was delivered (H) Maidstone.
Height of Enemy (J) Bombers 18/19000. Fighters 13/25000.
Enemy Casualties (K) Destroyed. NIL.
Probable. 1 He.113.
Damaged. NIL.
Our Casualties Aircraft (L) NIL.
Personnel (M) NIL.
Searchlights (N) (i) N/A.
A.A. Guns Assistance (ii) NIL.
Fire for Fighters
(Measured or Estimated)
(P) Range opened )
Length of burst ) See attached Sheet.
Range closed )
No. of rounds per gun 608.
F/O McMullen

We were ordered on patrol and given a vector straight away. The Squadron climbed to approximately 17000 feet and orbited. Yellow Section gave Tally-ho,. On looking in that direction I saw a large formation of bombers resembling DO 17's.

I was No. 2 to the C.O. We went into line astern and came round behind the DO 17s. Echelon left was then ordered and I found one He 113 in front of me. I closed range to about 250 - 300 yards astern and fired short bursts. Bits fell off this aircraft and he appeared to be going down out of control. I saw my fire bursting on him. I was then attacked myself and was forced to break off the engagement. I fired one short burst at one HE 113, which I think was the one which fired on me.

DM McMullen F/o


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