F/O McMullen claims one He 113 damaged over Hawkinge

Sector Serial No(A)D.1
Serial No. of order detailing patrol(B)
Flight, Squadron(D)12 aircraft 54 Squadron
Number of Enemy Aircraft(E)130 approximately
Type of Enemy Aircraft(F)40 Ju.87
50 He.113
40 Me.109
Time Attack was delivered(G)1118 - 1215 hours
Place attack was delivered(H)Dover and Hawkinge
Height of Enemy(J)Fighters 19,000 feet
Bombers 7,000 "
Enemy Casualties(K)Destroyed -
Probable -
Damaged 1 He 113
Our Casualties Aircraft(L)NIL
Searchlights(N) (i)N/a
A.A. Guns Assistance(ii)None
Fire for Fighters
(Measured or Estimated)
(P) range opened )
Length of burst ) not known
Range closed )
No. of rounds fired )
F/O McMULLEN The Squadron was ordered to engage the enemy aircraft in the Dover area. We climbed to 16,000 feet and saw a large number of ME 109's at that height. Before we could engage them, they turned tail and headed straight for Calais. We then were ordered to Hawkinge and when at 17,000 feet, encountered a number of HE 113's milling and circling - protecting dive bombers 10,000 feet below. I managed got get onto the tail of one of these and fired a short burst from about 250 yards range, I saw glycol pouring out, but since the enemy aircraft was at that height, he probably managed to get home.
DM McMullen F/o



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