F/Lt. Deere damages an He 113 over Hawkinge

Sector Serial No(A)D.1
Serial No. of order detailing patrol(B)
Flight, Squadron(D)12 A/C 54 Sqn.
No. of Enemy Aircraft(E)130 approx
Type of Enemy Aircraft(F)40 Ju 87
50 He 113
40 Me 109
Time Attack was delivered(G)1118 - 1215 hours
Place attack was delivered(H)Dover and Hawkinge
Height of Enemy(J)Fighters 19,000 Bombers 7,000
Enemy Casualties(K)Destroyed 1 Me.109
Probable Nil
Damaged 1 He.113
Our Casualties Aircraft(L)Nil
Searchlights(N)(i) N/a
A.A. Guns Assistance(ii) None
Fire for Fighters
(Measured or Estimated)
(P) Range Opened )
Length of burst ) see attached sheet
Range closed )
No. of rounds per gun fired 2720
General Report(R)
F/Lt. Deere The squadron was ordered to engage enemy aircraft in the Dover area. We were at 16000 feet climbing when we met about 40 ME 109's off Dover. Immediately they sighted us they half rolled and streaked back to Calais in no formation at all. I shot at two of these and succeeded (with a long range burst from astern - range 300 - 250 yds) in bringing it down in flames. I saw it dive from 17000 feet down to 1000 feet before I had to break away. I then understood that Hawkinge was being bombed and proceeded there, climbing to 18000 feet where I encountered a number of HE 113's. These were circling about and obviously staying to protect bombers. I managed to get on the tail of one and had no difficulty in overtaking it. I got in a number of rounds from astern and must have damaged him badly as glycol was streaming out. I followed the enemy aircraft back to Calais at 18000 feet before returning. HE 113's has yellow roundels on the main plane upper surfaces.
A C Deere F/L



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