F/Lt. Deere D.F.C. claims He 113s

Sector Serial No(a)D2
Serial No. of order detailing patrol(b)--
Date(c)15th August 1940
Flight, Squadron(d)12 a/c 54 Squadron.
No. & type of Enemy Aircraft(f) 40 DO 17s
HE 113s numers unknown
ME 109
Time Attack was delivered(g)1826-1930
Place attack was delivered(h)Maidstone.
Height of Enemy(j)Bombers 18/19,000 feet
Fighters 23/25,000 feet
Enemy Casualties(k) Destroyed 1 HE 113.
Probable 1 HE 113. Damaged ----
Our Casualties Aircraft(l)ONE
Searchlights(n)(i) N/A
A.A. Guns Assistance(ii) NIL
Fire for Fighters(p) Range opened. See attached report.
Length of Burst
Rage closed
No. of rounds fired 2720
The Squadron was ordered to investigate enemy formations in the Maidstone area. I saw a large formation of enemy bombers heading towards London; and almost 50 fighters in front of them and about 4000 feet above. I warned the rest of the Squadron and climbed to engage the fighters - HE 113s at 19,000 feet. I managed to get in a short burst at one (200 yards range) before I had to break away. I then followed two HE 113s and after a very long chase (which I found later had taken me over France) caught up with them. This was at 17,000 feet and I had to use 12 boot. I fired at the first one from 300 yards; I do not think the enemy aircraft could have seen me, because it took no evasive action. My burst must have killed the pilot, because the machine went down into the sea , glycol and smoke poured from it - but I did not actually see it crash, although it stood little chance of getting back. The cloud was 10/10 all over the Channel and when I came through it, I found I was over Calais Marck Aerodrome. At the same moment, 5 HE 113s appeared from nowhere and chased me back over the Channel. They were very fast and must have been within range most of the time, as my instrument panel and hood were shot about and the machine probably sustained over damage. I was only 800 feet above the sea, when the enemy aircraft left me at Folkestone. I continued inland, but my engine stopped and the plane began to catch fire. I managed to gain a little height (up to 1500 feet) when I baled out. I just felt the jerk of my parachute openeing, when my fall was broken by some tall trees. My machine crashed 50 yards away from me. My only injury was a sprained writes. The HE 113s not only had yellow in the wing tips, but also on the top of the tail.
A C Deere F/Lt



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