54 Sqn. engage raid over Dover and Hawkinge

OPERATIONS RECORD BOOK of (Unit or Formation) No. 54 Squadron.

PlaceDateTimeSummary of EventsReferences to Appendices
Hornchurch 1940
11.18 Large formations of Me 109.s scattered before the Squadron's approach over Dover; proceeding to HAWKINGE further He 113.s were met; their tactics of "milling" and "circling" did not bring our pilots into the trap set for them. Sgt. Lawrence showed his genuine hatred of the Ju 87 by shooting down three of them in flames before himself falling a victim to an enemy fighter. He had a fortunate escape when his machine crashed into the sea, taking him down with it. Rescued by the Navy he is now in Dover Hospital suffering from shock. Sgt. Klozensy, our other casualty, was showt down near Ashford, but is making progress in hospital there. For these losses we claim 4 enemy aircraft destroyed (including a new type (Ju 87) to our list) and three damaged. F/Lt. Deere claiming a Me 109 destroyed, F/O McMullen, F/Lt. Gribble, P/O Hopkin were responsible fr the damaged enemy aircraft.


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