54 Sqn. engage raid heading towards Hornchurch

OPERATIONS RECORD BOOK of (Unit or Formation) No. 54 Squadron.

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Hornchurch 1940
18.28 The second engagement was against large formations of Do 17s heading west towards HORNCHURCH aided by the usual escort fighters. The Squadron inflicted but little damage on the bombers, but their persistent efforts may well have preserved Hornchurch for yet another day. Two pilots force landed at West Malling just after it had been bombed. Our "bat" - 1 He 113 (F/Lt. Deere) and 1 Me 109 (F/Lt. Gribble) destroyed, and 2 He 113 (F/Lt. Deere and F/O McMullen) probable was gained for the loss of F/Lt. Deere's machine when he was shot down in Kent after a flight which had taken him (unwittingly) over Calais Marck!! He suffered only a sprained wrist after making a parachute jup at 1500 feet. During the engagement we had the first genuine local air warning for many a long month. The Station's defences were fully manned. Over 36,000 rounds of ammunition were expended by the Squadron during the day's activities. Yet another decoration for the Squadron. Colin Gray's D.F.C. is fully deserved and the Squadron offers him their heartiest congratulations.


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