Hitler assesses the chance of peace with Britain

Probably two reasons why Britain will not make peace. Firstly, she hopes for US aid, but the US can't start major arms deliveries until 1941. Secondly, she hopes to play off Russia against Germany. But Germany is militarily far superior to Russia.

There are two danger areas which set off a clash with Russia. Number one Russia pockets Finland. This would cost Germany her dominance of the Baltic and impede a German attack on Russia. Number two, further encroachments by Russia on Romania. we cannot permit this, because of Romania's gasoline supplies to Germany. Therefore Germany must be kept fully armed. By the spring there will be 180 divisions. Germany is not striving to smash Britain because the beneficiaries will not be Germany, but Japan in the east, Russia in India, Italy in the Mediterranean and America in world trade. That is why peace is possible with Britain - but not so long as Churchill is prime minister. Thus we must see what the Luftwaffe can do, and await a possible general election.

Field Marshal Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb, German Chancellory

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