Hawkinge bombed by IV.(St)/LG 1

Attacking Hawkinge using 50kg fragmentation bombs, IV.(St)/LG 1 lost two machines to 501 (Hurricane) Sqn. who has been scrambled 30 minutes earlier. They attacked as the Stukas were forming up into their pre-dive echelon.

L1✙EV of 10/LG1 is shot down by P/O John Gibson of 501 Sqn. and crashes into 78-82 Shorncliffe Crescent in Folkestone. The pilot Uffz Franz-Heinrich Kraus and observer Uffz Herman Weber are both killed. Kraus bails out and lands outside 81 Harcourt Road with head and leg injuries. He later dies of his injuries in the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Stuka crash at 78-82 Shorncliffe Crescent Folkestone 14.08.1940

OPERATIONS RECORD BOOK of (Unit or Formation) RAF. Station Hawkinge

PlaceDateTimeSummary of EventsReferences to Appendices
HawkingeAugust 1940
WEATHER. fine. Inspector General of the R.A.F. visited the station. Isv. a bombing attack, 11.32 to 11.45 by about 20 DORNIERS, HEINKEL III's and JUNKERS 87 flying at various heights from 300 to 2,000 ft. attack came from all angles. Ground defence guns fired as follows:- V.1. 27 rounds, 1 hit claimed; V.2. 23 rounds, 2 hits on HEINKEL III's claimed; L.M.G. 160 rounds; V.3. 2 rounds, gun jammed; V.4. 18 rounds; L.M.G. 2 rounds. One 'plane hit and seen falling, believed DORNIER, and the hit was confirmed by V.1. about 20 bombs were dropped, two of the heaviest (about 250 Kilos) hit hangers, and smaller (25 or 50 Kilos) on aerodrome surface. One small barrack block destroyed. There were no casualties.


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