KG 54 and JG 2 cross the channel

Radar picks up a formation approaching the coast between Hastings and Bognor. 11 Group scrambles four squadrons with 43 Sqn making first contact with a fighter sweep of Bf 109s and Bf 110s of JG 2. As the fight moves westward more Bf 109s join and RAF fighters return to base with their ammunition expended. 238 Sqn (10 Group, Hurricanes) climb to meet the incoming fighters.

KG 54's Ju 88s are behind the fighter sweep aiming for Odiham and RAE Farnborough and they are spotted by 601 Sqn's A flight, who were climbing to meet the fighter sweep. 43 Sqn, 601 Sqn and 64 Sqn all join the attack. Unable to navigate due to the cloud cover and attacked by fighters they turn back 10 miles after crossing the coast.


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