P/O A R Barton

Shot down over Dover in Hurricane N2596, crashed near Elham.

On the same day that Frieidrich Butterweck crashed at Standard Hill farm R.W. Bailey of Ladwood Farm east of Elham recalls in his post war memoir:

Later I saw George Godden, He told me that about the same time a Hurricane had landed in his field and the pilot had just managed to stop with his nose practically touching George's cowshed. This pilot told George that he had shot down two Gerries that morning and then was forced to land as he was out of fuel. After that date things really hotted (sic) up in the Battle of Britain.

P/O Barton is the only Hurricane recorded as lost in that area on this date. His combat record (AIR 15/16/2) does not include a Form F for this date and, likewise, there is no casualty file for him on this date. Even expanding the date rate out I have find no other Hurricane or Spitfire that could fit this incident.


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