32 Sqn Patrol

32 Sqn perform an uneventful patrol.

As they are in the air, Hawkinge is bombed. Some return to Biggin Hill but five - low on fuel - return to Hawkinge.

Aircraft Type and No. Crew. Duty. Time Up. Time Down. Details of Sortie or Flight. References
P.3146 F/Lt.Crossley. Patrol. 1430 1500 Ordered to patrol Hawkinge at 8,000'.No e/a sighted. 12.8.40.
P.2459 P/O.Grice.
P.2596 P/O.Barton.
P.2458 P/O.Proctor.
P.3522 P/O.Smythe.
P.3481 Sgt.Bayley.
P.3112 F/O.Humpherson. 1530
P.3147 P/O.Gardner.
P.4106 P/O.Pniak.
P.3936 P/O.Eckford.
P.2524 Sgt.Higgins.
P.2671 Sgt.Aslin.


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