32 Sqn Fighting patrol

Aircraft Type and No. Crew. Duty. Time Up. Time Down. Details of Sortie or Flight. References
12 sorties as above. Fighting Patrol. 1650 1810 Ordered patrol Hawkinge at 10,000'. When over Dover sighted 30/40 Do.215's escorted by 3-/40 Me.109s flying at 12,000'. After the initial combats took place the Squadron became split up and various combats took place ranging from Dover to N. of Whitstable. One Hurricane P/O.Barton was shot down and crashed near Hawkinge. Aircraft shot down by the following. F/Lt.Crossley 1 Me.109 Confirmed. 1 Unconfirmed. F/O.Humperson 1 unconfirmed. P/O.Grice 1 Do.215 damaged. P/O/.Proctor 1 Me.109 U/C. Sgt.Higgins P/O.Pniak P/O.Gardner 4 U/C. P/O.Smythe 1 Do.215 Confirmed. Sgt.Bayley 1 Do.215 confirmed. Squadron landed individually at various times.


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