OKW issue order relating to Seelöwe preparation

OKW issue an order resulting from the previous day's conference, signed by Keitel:

The Armed Forces High Command WFA/Abt. L 1 Nr. 33189/40 g.K.Chefs. Führer Headquarters 1 Aug. 1940 Eight Copies Top secret

Re: Operation "Seelöwe"

Following the report of the Commander in Chief, Navy of 31 Jul. to the effect that preparations for operation "Seelöwe" cannot be completed prior to 15 Sep. 1940, the Führer decided as follows:

  1. Preparations for "Seelöwe" are to be continued, and also the Army and the Air Froce should try to be ready for 15 Sep.
  2. 1 or at the most 2 weeks after the beginning of the large scale air offensive against England, which can start on approximately 5 Aug., the Führer will decide, depending to the results of this battle, whether operation "Seelöwe" is still to take place this year or not.
  3. If a decision is made against execution of "Seelöwe" in September, nevertheless all preparations should continue, but in a form which will not damage seriously the economy through paralysing inland shipping.
  4. The operational preparations should for the time being continue on the previously planned wide scope, in spite of the objection of the Navy that it can safeguard only a narrow strip (westward about as far as Eastbourne).
  5. The orders in Directive 16, No. 3, second paragraph remain in effect, but transfer to the vicinity of Führer Headquarters should take place only shortly before the operations, and parts of the Army High Command can remain in the previous Army headquarters.

The Chief of Staff, Armed Forces High Command

signed: Keitel


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