Chiefs of Staff discuss airpower's role in defending an invasion

General Alan Brooke, Chief-in-Command Home Forces, was now responsible for bringing the Army to the fullest state of readiness for the anticipated invasion. His diary for 26th July records:

In afternoon went to see Dill [Chief of the Imperial General Staff] at the War Office and from there on to the Chiefs of Staff meeting. Main subject of discussion was the priority of use of fighters in the event of invasion. I came away feeling less confident as to our powers of meeting an invasion. The attitude of representatives of the Naval Command brought [out] very clearly the fact that the navy now realizes fully that its position has been seriously undermined by the advent of aircraft. Sea supremacy is no longer what it was, and in the face of strong bomber forces can no longer ensure the safety of this island against invasion. This throws a much heavier task on the army.

Source: World War II Today


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