OKW order "Artillery protection for transports to Britain" is issued

Armed forces High Command WFA/Abt. L Nr. 33137/40 g.K.Chefs. Berlin, 10 July 1940 Nine copies Top Secret

Re: Artillery protection for transports to Britain.

In pursuance of the requested analysis of artillery protection for transports to Britain (OKW/WFA/ Abt. L Nr. 33 124/40 g.K.Chefs. Paragraph 2.b), the Führer has ordered:

All preparations are to be made to provide strong frontal and flank artillery protection for the transportation and landing of troops in case of a possible crossing from the coastal strip Calais-Cap Gris Nex - Boulogne. All suitable available heavy batteries are to be employed for this purpose of the Naval High Command and are to be installed in fixed positions in conjunction with the Todt Organization.

The Commander in Chief, Air will assume responsibility for protection against air attacks upon batteries under construction or already built. He will see to it that the antiaircraft batteries assigned to this area, insofar as their position will permit, can also be employed for defence against targets at sea.

Arrangements for coordinated fire control will be in the hands of the Commander in Chief, Navy, who is to report at an early date concerning the state and probable duration of preparations.

The duties assigned to the Army High Command in Paragraph 2b of the above order are cancelled.

Chief of Staff, Armed Forces High Command

signed: Keitel


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