79 Sqn patrol Dover and engage enemy

OPERATIONS RECORD BOOK of (Unit or Formation) No. 79 Squadron.

PlaceDateTimeSummary of EventsReferences to Appendices
Hawkinge 8.7.40 09.13 Red section - two aircraft - F/Sgt. Brown leading, took patrol over Tenterden at 20,000 feet. When at 16,000 feet over Tenterden we were ordered to 3,000 feet and vectored to a point about 6 miles east of Canterbury. No enemy aircraft seen and ordered to land. 11.55 hours six aircraft of "A" Flight patrolled Hawkinge at 5,000 feet, landed at 12.25, nothing to report. 12.30 hours, Blue section took off and at approximately 13.15 hours intercepted a Blenheim over at Rye, which fired incorrect colours and raised and lowered his undercarriage several times. In accordance with instructions from Control, it was followed to Manston and landed there. 15.15 hours None aircraft took off to patrol Dover area, several enemy aircraft in vicinity. P/O. J.R.Wood and F/O.E.W. Mitchell were missing after the patrol. P/O. J.E.R. Wood was shot down in flames over the Channel, he baled out and was picked up by a Naval Patrol Boat but had died of burns. F/O.E.W.Michell crashed at Temple Ewell in flames, the aircraft burnt for an hour or more after crashing and it was not possible to identify the body. Identification was made by checking the gun numbers. 20.42 hours eight aircraft took off to patrol Hastings at 5,000 feet, all landed by 22.00 hours nothing to report.

(AIR 27/664/17)


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