65 Sqn Intercept raiders off Dover


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HORNCHURCH. 8.7.40 P/O COUZINS carried out flying practice in the Magister. At 15.30 hours 9 aircraft were detailed to intercept enemy raiders off DOVER. Several enemy aircraft were observed in pairs and threes and the Squadron broke into Sections line astern. F/SGT. FRANKLIN observed an ME.109 stalking Blue 1 below him, he attacked beginning with deflection and ending dead astern and after a 3 second burst he saw the flaps out and one leg of the undercarriage come out followed almost above by an explosion behind the cockpit, and a few seconds later the enemy aircraft crashed into the sea about eight miles off DOVER. S/LDR. SAWYER was attacked by 4 ME.109 simultaneously, and by using evasive tactics was able to score a long burst on enemy aircraft which probably crashed. S/LDR.COOKE who was leading the patrol, took his Section through cloud, and when the rest of his Section emerged he was nowhere to be seen, attempts were made to contact him over the R/T but he was neither seen or heard of again.
Another nice effort by F/SGT. FRANKLIN, but it is certainly shaky losing the C/O in this way, it is very doubtful if anything more will be heard of him but we hope for the best. S/LDR.SAWYER now assumes command.

(AIR 27/592/4)


Combat of 65 Squadron on 8th July 1940. At 15.29 hours on the 8th July, 2 Sections of 65 Squadron were detailed to intercept enemy raiders off DOVER; on approaching Coast, the clouds were in layers from 4,000 to 2,000 feet and to get better observation, the Squadron broke up into Section in line astern. Several enemy aircraft were seen, mostly in pairs and threes dodging in and out of cloud, but there seemed to be no formations and pilots believe they must have been previously engaged. The Sections attempted to close in on several enemy aircraft which continuously lost them in clouds. Flight Sergeant Franklin sighted an ME.109 stalking Blue 1 below him, he attacked and brought enemy aircraft down into the sea. Squadron Leader Sawyer was attacked by 4 ME.109's simultaneously, and by using evasive tactics, was able to score a long burst at one enemy aircraft, which in all probability crashed. Squadron Leader Cooke leading the patrol took his section through a cloud behind which he had seen some enemy aircraft, but on emerging the rest of the SEction were unable to sight him or pick him up on the R/T. From all enquiries there has been no available news. The remaining 8 of Squadron landed without casualties at 16.41 hours. RESULT Flight Sergeant Franklin - Rounds Fired 800. - One ME.109 Confirmed. Squadron Leader Sawyer - Rounds Fired 1040. - One ME.109 Unconfirmed. Squadron Leader Cooke MISSING.

(AIR 27/595)


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