The Heer has its first meeting to discuss Seelöwe

Need for air superiority and "similar to large-scale river crossing" are noted.

Halder records:

von Greiffenberg: Matters discussed:

  1. Operational questions. Britain which must be dealt with separately, and the East are the primary problems now. The' latter must be viewed chiefly with reference to the requirements of a military intervention which will compel Russia to recognize Germany's dominant position in Europe. Special issues, such as the Baltic and Balkan countries may introduce some variants.
  2. Organization of OKH Staff. Greiffenberg must take over OQu I.


  1. Wolff-Metternich, art historian.
  2. Respective jurisdictions of Civil Administration and Military Command in France.
  3. Paris Military Headquarters
  4. Cuts in Staff
  5. Build-up of supply base France. Railroad difficulties! Setting-up of separate supply base for England unnecessary­; is already taken care of by base set-up for southward drive of right wing.

von der Chevallerie reports on his Div. Problems of officer and Gen, Staff training.

von Greiffenberg -. Buhle: Operations against England.

  1. Paramount factors: Weather - Air superiority.
  2. Method: Similar to large-scale river crossing, on line Ostend - Le Havre.
  3. Potential beachheads s Cliffs at Dover, Dungeness and Beachy Head. Elsewhere many good landing spots, even if beaches rise at steep angles.
  4. First wave: six Divs. (picked units reinforced by four Armd, Bns.)
  5. Technical means: amphibious tanks, rafts, flamethrowing tanks, assault boats from the Rhine. - Six-barreled rocket rocket projectors not before October. - Use of chemical smoke. - Airborne landings. - Amphibious Engineers.
  6. Preparations:
    1. Special Staff Reinhard. (Must be replaced in his unit.
    2. Joint exercises and trials at Putlos or, better, on North Sea Coast.
    3. Selection of units; strength requirements, reinforcements for them.
    4. Air photographs of fortifications and defense preparations (Urgent!).
    5. Canaris.
    6. Signal communications.
    7. In our Hq: .planning staff under. Greiffenberg, in addition Buhle and a representative of Navy; also Thoma, Jacob, Brand, Thiele, Liss, Ziehlberg, Roeh­richt.
  7. Deception: Diversion by spreading of rumours. Mask actual width of jump-off frontage by propaganda and actual preparations.
  8. Training must be geared to the special tasks ahead.
  9. Appointed time: August. - Fog from middle of October onwards.
  10. Draft operational plans: At the earliest.

von Greiffenberg (on conference with Loyke): Navy preparations for coastal defence: Coastal Arty. will arrive very late (takes three months). Org. Todt should be called in to do their construction work. - Liaison necessary with Admiral France (Schuster). - Plans to be drawn up will embrace coast only as far as Le Havre!; further south everything will be improvisation.

Air build-up against England: AA precautions in area of AGps. B and C are. insufficient.

Buhle: Some of the specifications of the OKW directive on demobil­ization are utterly impracticable. Continued availability of discharged men assured only on furlough basis, not if demobilized.

Report of British-French naval action at Oran.

Final OKW communique on campaign does not mention Gen. Staff with a single word. Significant!


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