Jodel issues his paper on the continuation of the war against Britain.

OKW Chief of Staff Alfred Jodl reviews options to increase pressure on Britain to agree to a negotiated peace. The first priority is to eliminate the Royal Air Force and gain air supremacy. Intensified air attacks against shipping and the economy could affect food supplies and civilian morale in the long term. Reprisal attacks of terror bombing has the potential to cause quicker capitulation but the effect on morale is uncertain. Once the Luftwaffe has control of the air, and the British economy has been weakened, an invasion would be a last resort or a final strike (“Todesstoss“) after England has already been practically defeated, but could have a quick result.

If political measures do not succeed England's will to resist must be broken by force. (This might be accomplished) (a) by making war against the English motherland, (b) by extending the war to the perhipery.

The latter would require the co-operation of nations that hoped to see the British Empire disentegrate and to sieze the spoils. Italy, Spain, Russia and Japan are the obvious contenders for this.

Germany's final victory over England is only a question of time. Germany can choose a form of warfare which husbands her own strength and avoids risks. Since England can no longer fight for victory but only for the preservation of her possessions and world prestige, she should, according to all predictions, be inclined to make peace when she learns she can get it now at relatively little cost.


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