Halder meets with von Weizsäcker

Secretary of State Ernst von Weizsäcker meets Halder at the Foreign Office and tells him that Hitler's attention was directed firmly to the East. As England has not yet made any firm peace proposals a further display of military power will probably be needed.

Halder notes the difficulties are likely to lie in the future as maintaining hostilities on two fronts will overstretch German resources.

Halder records:

Conference with Weizsaecker:
  1. We can preserve the victories of this campaign only with the means with which they were achieved, that is, with military power.
  2. No concrete basis for any peace treaty yet.
  3. We shall keep an eye on the East.
  4. Britain probably still needs one more demonstration of our military might before she gives in and leaves us with a free hand in the East.
On the whole, satisfaction about the self-restraint shown by Russia and the surrender of military units in French colonies. the problems are not lying in our present situation, but in future developments, for in seeking to preserve the gains of our vitories with military power we will eventually over-strain ourselves. Gradual elimination of "old School" diplomats by the political command (Foreign Minister) has begun in the posts in Eastern countries.


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