Von Rundstedt sends an emissary to Halder

As commander of Army Group A he criticises the dispositions as outlined in the invasion plan saying that they would not form a sufficient threat to England.

Halder records:

In the evening I have a long talk with von Salmuth which at time becomes very warm. He is apparently the troublemaker in AGp. B. I was just like him to tell Bock that our regrouping plans were an insult to him as C in C, and that he had better go on furlough and let the AGp. veterinary take over his job.

This sort of touchiness is becoming a bother. He has no rational arguments to offer against our arrangements, but from sheer ego wants a strip of the Channel Coast. The contention that the new dispositions, as ordered, would not form a sufficient threat against England is childish. The threat to England is in the number of Divs. drawn up opposite her coast, and not in the boundary line between AGps.


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