Brauchitsch conference with Hitler at Bruly-de-Pesche

Discussion is centred on the occupation of France. Britain is mentioned though Hitler expresses the view that she is "coming down a peg". Instructions for the reduction of the army down to 120 divisions and doubling of armoured units are confirmed.

In response to British bombing raids on the Ruhr, captured French and Czech anti-aircraft guns are to be sent to Germany for home defence.

Halder records:

Afternoon: Fuehrer conference. The following points were dealt with:

  1. Captured enemy materiel: AA Guns for Home Air Defence! Release everything that can be used for this purpose. Take Czech guns out of Rhine Valley. French 7.5 cm guns will be taken to ZI, with ammunition, and offered to Air Force. Naval guns for coastal defence (from West Wall and booty). French long-barrelled guns.

    Preparations for protecting flank of Ninth Army. Fuehrer has reserved decision on what may be given to others.

  2. Ammunition columns for K 5 and L 12 guns to be employed against England.


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