Air Ministry issues warning about paratroopers

The Air Ministry sends an "urgent" message to the Admiralty, the War Office and the Ministry of Home Defence.

According to information received from Norway, German paratroopers hold both hands above their head during a descent, just as if they were surrendering. However, in each hand they conceal a grenade which they throw at anyone who tries to oppose them when landing. In order to counter this trick, paratroopers numbering more than six should be regarded as hostile and shot in the air if at all possible.

Notably, six is the largest British bomber crew.

Call for men to enrol in the Local Defence Volunteers

Anthony Eden makes a speech asking for men between the ages of 17 and 45 to come forward to enrol in a military force to be called the Local Defence Volunteers. In Kent it is estimated that 10,000 enrolled in the first 24 hours - many more volunteered by post.

Volunteers are requested to register with their local constabulary however, the constabulary were not informed and had to improvise registration forms.

Kent area organiser arranges an LDV meeting

A meeting is arranged in Ashford by the Kent Organiser. Major General A.L. Forster, CB accepts the appointment as Group Organiser for East Kent, and Lieutenant Colonel J.C. Pethrick, MC, is appointed Group Organiser for West Kent. Brigadier General H.A. Verson, DSO, joins as Staff Officer (G) to the Zone Organiser. Admiral Sir Studholme Brownrigg, KBE, CB, DSO, accepts an invitation to organise the North Kent Group which includes the Chatham Military Area.

R.A.F. Wyton station intelligence officer issues photos of He 113 for squadron files

Secret. From:- R.A.F.Sation,Wyton(Intelligence) To:- O.C. 15 Squadron. O.C. 40 Squadron. Date:- 16th May 1940. Ref:- WS/S.476S/S/Int.
5 16 May 1940
Ref:- 1054/PHOTO.
Photographs - German Aircraft. Herewith 5 copies each of three photographs of the Heinkel 113 for including in your dossier of aircraft photographs. C????????S/Ldr.
for group Captain, Commanding,

(AIR 27/260/1)